How to Solve the Barlow Telescope Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

After you leave the Lafayette Cemetery in Chapter 2 of Alone in the Dark, you will want to visit the convent of Taroella. But to do so, you’ll need to gaze at the stars through the telescope located in the Drawing Room of Derceto. This guide will tell you how to fix the telescope in question and then adjust it to see the right path.

Upon leaving the Lafayette Cemetery, you’ll find an envelope with a letter and the luggage key. The key unlocks the steamer trunk in Jeremy’s room (Image 1). Head there and open the trunk (Image 2) with the key (Image 3). This will get you the Barlow Lens (Image 4). Take the lens and head to the Drawing Room (Image 5). Attach it to the telescope there (Image 6). This will allow you to initiate the puzzle.

With the telescope fixed, your goal will be to adjust it until you can clearly see the game’s representation of the Taurus constellation. To do so, you will need to move your right controller stick across the X and Y axes or the arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust the telescope’s zoom and focus.

In practice this means moving the stick (or arrow keys) up and down until you see the Taurus constellation, but in red, green and blue. And then moving the stick (or again, arrows) left and right until the stars join together into a clear picture, and an extra-bright star appears at one of the ends of the constellation. This new star will then flash, indicating that you’ve solved the puzzle.

From this point, you only have a single puzzle left before you can start Chapter 3. If it gives you any trouble, do consult our complete walkthrough.

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