How to Solve the Gallery Clock Plate Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

When you start Chapter 2, one of your first objectives will be to figure out what’s going on with the gallery clock. This will require you to solve a couple of puzzles, the first of which will involve rearranging plate pieces. In this guide, we will walk you through how to solve the plate puzzle.

Before you can even solve this puzzle, you will first need to find two Broken Plates, and bring them back to the clock.

One plate will be in the Kitchen Garden on the first floor — but you’ll have to solve a puzzle to get to it. Once you’ve made it to the garden, you can now open the door of the small shed with the Bolt Cutters you just picked up on the way here. Pick up the Water Hose inside (image 1), then attach it to the end of the hose lying across the Kitchen Garden — the end will be right next to the hole on the southeast end of this room (image 2). That done, turn on the faucet on the northwest end of the room (image 3), then go back to the hole and get your Broken Plate!

The other plate will be in Perosi’s Room on the third floor. For this plate, you will need to solve the padlock puzzle inside the room. If you need assistance with that, you can check out our guide below!

Now that we have both plates, we can take them to the Gallery Clock — inserting them to the clock will automatically start the puzzle. The idea for here is to rearrange and rotate all the plate pieces so that it becomes a coherent picture.

The center piece can’t be moved or rotated, so use this as your reference point for all the other pieces. This puzzle is fairly straightforward — there are only 4 side pieces, and 4 corner pieces to move around. When moving and rotating, make sure the line on the piece you’re moving will connect properly to the center piece. When it’s all rearranged properly, it should look like the picture below:

alone in the dark gallery clock puzzle solution

Once all the pieces are properly arranged, you will be taken out of the screen, and the faces of the clock will stop. Interacting with the plate again will now initiate the Gallery Clock Talisman Puzzle, which will be your next step in progressing with your search for Jeremy.

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