Dying with Dignity Lagniappe Set – Alone in the Dark

This guide will help you find the Lagniappes needed to complete the Dying with Dignity Lagniappe set in Alone in the Dark. Completing this macabre set will unlock a new Special Objective – as dignified a reward as it gets.

If you want to complete the Dying with Dignity set, these are the Lagniappes to look out for:

Check out the individual Lagniappe guides for the precise locations, while below you’ll find some general directions to these three Lagniappes.

In Lafayette Cemetery in Chapter 2, you can slide into a squeeze passage right after collecting the third Icon to find the easy-to-miss sheet music.

Playing as Emily, you’ll find it sitting on a dresser in Ruth’s room, in Chapter 4.

alone in the dark war photo lagniappe in game v1

Playing as Emily, you’ll find it in the morgue after discovering her fiancé’s body in Chapter 4.

alone in the dark toe tag lagniappe in game v1

This set is all about making peace with the Dark Man, and what he has taken (and given) the Harkwood family. The extra text tells you about a blessing that protects against evil (by becoming a part of it). Coincidentally the same symbol that Ruth associates with the Dark Man.

This set is required in order to wash away the paint from Jeremy’s Painting in Dr. Gray’s office in Chapter 4, a required step for a secret ending and the “Radical Acceptance” achievement.

dying with dignity bonus text

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