Rubber Stamp Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

There’s a Lagniappe in Alone in the Dark called the Rubber Stamp. Lagniappes are a type of item that players can collect to give them information and affect their game. When combined into a set of three, Lagniappes unlock special rewards. Most sets unlock information, but the Rubber Stamp helps to unlock something much better. The guide covers its location, the other pieces in its set, and what the set unlocks.

The Rubber Stamp Lagniappe is found in the Reception Room, during Chapter 1 or later on. The door to reception is right next to the building’s main entrance, where you’ll let in the other main character to end chapter 1 (see image 1 below). In the reception room, you’ll notice a service window next to a door for the Clerk’s Office; the Rubber Stamp is on the window’s ledge (see image 2 below).

The Rubber Stamp is a part of the Lost Children Lagniappe set. There are two other pieces in this set for players to find:

alone in the dark rubber stamp lagniappe set menu

Unlike the vast majority of Lagniappe sets, which unlocks only forbidden knowledge or hidden objectives, this set also unlocks the Shotgun Cabinet for its reward. The shotgun is in the small parlor (see image below), which is very close to the last Lagniappe of the set you’ll find: the Dog collar. If you don’t want the shotgun, and you just want to read the hidden text, then click on the drop-down.

alone in the dark lagniappe dog collar hidden text
alone in the dark rubber stamp lagniappe shotgun v1

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