How to Solve the Cassandra’s Room Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

After you get out of the Hateful Mound in Chapter 2, you will eventually find yourself in Cassandra’s Room. In here, you will find a cabinet with a padlock, just like the one in Perosi’s Room. However, before you can get the combination, you will have to solve another puzzle within the room involving medicine bottles. In this guide, we will go over all of the steps to solve these puzzles and open the cabinet.

Before you can even solve the puzzles, there are two missing medicine bottles you will need to find. The Margrave Liniment bottle can be found on the desk in the middle of Cassandra’s Room, but for the other bottle, you will need to do a bit of running around.

First, you will have to head over to the Grand Parlor, and grab the Medicine Box Key — it will be on top of the piano in the middle of the room (1). Now make your way over to Lottie’s Room (the Dining Room will open up a shortcut to get you there quickly), and open up the medicine box to get Dr. Jenkins Lozenges (2).

Now head back to Cassandra’s Room, and place the bottles you found with the others on the south side of the room. You will now need to organize the bottles in a specific way to get the padlock code. First, you will want to rotate the bottles so that the rot on them is facing the front. Then, you will want to rearrange them so it looks like the rot is all ‘connected’ (you can reference the picture below).

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You will know you arranged them properly when your character comments on the shape of the rot, and you will no longer be able to move the bottles. If you look at the fronts of the bottles, you will see three numbers — 2, 5, and 7. This is the combination to the lock.

Now that we know that 2-5-7 is the combination, we need to convert these into zodiac signs. Refer to Perosi’s Journal again to find the zodiac chart (if you need a refresher, the number increases by 1 for each symbol if you look through them in clockwise order). This will give you the signs Pisces, Gemini, and Leo. Put these three signs into the padlock, and it will open.

alone in the dark cassandra's room padlock

Solving this puzzle will give you a Broken Plate, one of the two you will need in order to solve the Boiler Plate Puzzle. There is nothing left in this room once you have it, so you are free to continue your search for Jeremy.

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