The Hartwood Curse Lagniappe Set – Alone in the Dark

This guide will help you gather all the Lagniappes needed to complete The Hartwood Curse Lagniappe set in Alone in the Dark. This particular set is clearly connected to the Hartwood family and the otherworldly misfortunes that have befallen them. Completing this set will unlock a hidden memory once you reach the Attic area.

These are the Lagniappes you’ll have to gather if you want to complete The Hartwood Curse set:

Check out the individual Lagniappe guides for the precise locations, while below you’ll find some general directions to these three Lagniappes.

Playing as both Emily and Edward, you’ll find it when exploring the Hateful Mound in Chapter 2. It’s sitting inside a box on the second floor of the bridge house, in an area you reach by squeezing past some assorted clutter.

alone in the dark discarded palette location

Playing as both Emily and Edward, you’ll find it in a small courtyard after leaving the New Orleans warehouse in Chapter 3.

alone in the dark witness the black pharaoh lagniappe in game v1

Playing as both Emily and Edward, you get it by cracking the safe in the Clerk’s Office in Chapter 2, using the code 913.

alone in the dark lagniappe alone in the dark book in game v1

You can’t complete this set without advance knowledge of the game’s events, a great deal of trial and error, or some help from a guide like ours. Once you do, you’ll unlock a hidden memory inside the Attic (Image 1). Simply interact with the noose (Image 2), and you’ll get a cutscene that, in a fairly morbid and obscure way, explains how this game is connected to the original Alone in the Dark from back in 1992.

Completing the set will also grant you the customary bit of Bonus Text, leaving you with more questions than answers about the true nature of the curse plaguing the Hartwood family:

alone in the dark the hartwood curse bonus text

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