How to Solve the Perosi’s Room Padlock Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

Early on in Chapter 2, you will reach Perosi’s Room east of the Gallery. Inside, you will notice a padlock with only zodiac signs, but you will need to figure out the combination in order to get the Broken Plate inside and progress. In this guide, we will go through all the steps needed to find the combination and open the padlock.

We’re going to explain the solution for people who want to understand it — skip ahead to the Puzzle Solution section if you just want the answer.

Luckily, everything you need to solve this puzzle can be found within Perosi’s room. There are 3 important objects here that will help you solve it:

  • A book sitting on the couch in the southwest corner of the room
  • A row of 6 paintings on the north end of the room (next to the door)
  • A picture of the Artist Colony on the east end of the room

First, pick up the book to obtain Perosi’s Journal (1). This clue has a code assigning all of the zodiac signs to a number. Only 3 of the signs have numbers on them, but you can figure out the rest by treating this chart like a clock — for example, since Aquarius is 1, then moving clockwise will make Pisces 2, Aries 3, etc.

Next, you will want to go to the wall of paintings. Each one can be flipped to reveal a name. The goal for this is to flip the right paintings so that the black rot will show on all 6 of them — you want to flip the second, third, and sixth paintings to accomplish this (2). You’ll know you did it right when your character makes a noise like they’re thinking about it, and you are no longer able to flip the paintings.

Make note of the 3 names you revealed, and now look at the Artist Colony picture. Every member of the colony will have a number above their head (3). What you want to do here is find the 3 names revealed a moment ago (William Arges, Franklyn Mosig, and Norah Keith, in that order), and make note of the numbers on top of their names — this will give you the numbers 2-9-4.

Now it’s time to open the padlock! 2-9-4 is the combination, but we need to convert it into zodiac signs. Look back at Perosi’s Journal, and use the method explained earlier to find the signs you need — you will end up with Pisces, Libra, and Taurus. Use this combination in the padlock, and it will open right away.

alone in the dark perosi's room padlock solution
The solution

Opening the cabinet will give you a Broken Plate, one of the two needed to solve the Gallery Clock Talisman Puzzle. Once you have gotten the plate, there is nothing else in the room, and you can move on with your investigation.

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