How to Solve the Pregzt Warehouse Safe Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

Once you reach the Pregzt Warehouse in the Chapter 3, your first destination will be the office upstairs. Once you make it there, you will notice a safe that needs to be opened to get your next clue. In this guide, we will go over how to find the combination for the safe and open it.

Opening the Safe

Luckily, figuring out this combination is pretty quick, you just need to know where to look. On the cabinet near the door, there will be a small door you can open under where you pick up the Tommy Gun. Inside, you will find the All His Things Clue. If you read it and look at the last 3 lines, it tells you how to open the combination, but in code.

You basically need to count how many letters are in the first word of each line (or second word in the last line), and that will give you your numbers:

  • What (4) is left
  • Later (5) is right
  • Hell (4) is left

If you would rather have a more direct answer, shine your flashlight inside the cabinet door you opened, and you will see 4-5-4 written on the floor. There will even be shapes under the numbers that tell you which direction to turn.

Now that you have the combination, head to the safe, and turn the wheel left until it reaches 4, rotate right once to reach 5, then rotate left once to hit 4 again. If done correctly, the safe will open.

Opening it will get you the Cargo Manifest Clue. Now that you have it, you can leave the office and go back to the main warehouse, where your search for Jeremy will continue.

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