How to Solve the Edward’s Office Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

If you’re playing as Edward, and solved Grace’s Drawings Puzzle, you will quickly find yourself inside of Edward’s office. In order to leave, however, you need to solve a puzzle so he can piece together where to go next. In this guide, we will go over how to solve this puzzle.

Edward’s Office Puzzle

In order to start this puzzle, you will first need to wait for Edward to finish reminiscing. While he’s talking, however, there are 3 Key Items you can pick up in this room:

  • Telegram – on top of his desk.
  • Newspaper Clippings – inside the cabinet just below where the Telegram was.
    • You will need to grab the Writing Desk Key next to the couch in order to open this.
  • Photograph – same exact spot as the Newspaper Clippings.

Once you have all 3 pieces, go to the bulletin board behind his desk, and place the 3 items you picked up there (note you can’t do this until after Edward is done talking). This will begin the puzzle, where you will have to move and flip the evidence around until Edward puts it all together to figure out what he was doing at this time.

You won’t need to actually move any of the pieces for this puzzle. All you need to do is flip the Telegram and Newspaper Clippings. When they’re flipped, the board will look like the picture below:

alone in the dark edward's office puzzle solution

When you’ve solved the puzzle, red lines will begin coming out of all 3 pieces, and it will lead you to where you need to go next in order to explore Edward’s memories.

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