All the World’s a Stage Lagniappe Set – Alone in the Dark

This guide will help you get your hands on the Lagniappes comprising the All the World’s a Stage Lagniappe set in Alone in the Dark. Once you complete this Bard of Avon-inspired set, you’ll unlock a Secret Objective, allowing you to explore more of what the game has to offer.

Finding the following Lagniappes will complete the All the World’s a Stage set:

Check out the individual Lagniappe guides for the precise locations, while below you’ll find some general directions to these three Lagniappes.

Playing as Edward, you’ll find it as you enter Hotel St George in New Orleans in Chapter 4. It will be on the low desk by the entrance.

alone in the dark curious napkin location

Playing as both Emily and Edward, you’ll get it after you pick up the False Book in Dr. Gray’s apartment in Chapter 4. The Lagniappe will then appear on the floor next to the globe.

alone in the dark toy talisman location

Playing as Emily, you’ll find it in the basement room with all the blueprints in Chapter 4.

alone in the dark box of biscuits location

Completing this set will grant you a Secret Objective – Grace Without Horns – asking you to give the kid something to play with. You will be able to do this in the final chapter of the game, Chapter 5, by walking up to Grace and interacting with her in front of the tree in the Conservatory. You might want to finish talking to everyone before this, as it will suddenly finish the game.

It will also impart a bit of flavorful Bonus Text, that you can read now if you don’t want to find it yourself in game — click the dropdown below to reveal it.

alone in the dark all the worlds a stage bonus text

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