Difficulty Level Differences – Alone in the Dark

When starting Alone in the Dark, you can choose between 3 difficulties: Easy, Standard, or Hard. The choice you make here will affect the strength of the enemies you fight, as well as the amount of resources you find. In this guide, we will break down the difficulty differences, so that you can decide how you want to tackle the game.

Difficulty Differences

The biggest change you will notice in the difficulty you choose will be the enemies you fight. Here is how enemies differ between the difficulty levels:

  • Easy – 2 pistol shots to kill enemies, damage received low, more resources
  • Standard – 4 pistol shots to kill enemies, damage received moderate
  • Hard – 5 pistol shots to kill enemies, damage received high

In Easy mode, enemies will barely damage you with their attacks, and they have very low health — the most common enemy takes around 2 shots with your pistol to kill. This is a great choice if you only want to worry about the story, and not deal with the enemies along the way.

Standard Mode bumps things up a bit, offering a more balanced experience. Enemies will hit twice as hard compared to Easy, and they will have double the health as well. This means that you will want to be a little more careful and conservative with your ammo. Hard Mode will give you the greatest challenge — while enemy health will stay around the same, their damage to you will double again.

alone in the dark hard mode hit
In Hard Mode, a single hit will take out around 1/4 of your health

The other thing your difficulty choice will affect is the amount of resources you find — meaning ammo and drinks. This will range from finding more than enough in Easy, to them being much more rare in Hard. This, combined with the enemy difficulty, will determine how much you should utilize your other weapons (melee and thrown weapons) in order to not run out of ammo completely.

Something to keep in mind is that you can change the difficulty at any time, so if the game is starting to feel too easy or hard, feel free to adjust. Also, the difficulty does not affect the puzzles in any way — difficulty purely relates to the combat aspects of the game.

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