Alone in the Dark Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

The Alone in the Dark video game is a Lagniappe collectible that isn’t to be confused with the actual game you’re playing, Alone in the Dark. The Lagniappe has the old PC cover art on it from the original game’s release, and is one of the few Lagniappes, or collectible items, that players will likely only find on their second play through –unless you cheat the system, which we can help you do.

The Alone in the Dark Lagniappe is in the Clerk’s Office safe, but it must be opened in Chapter 2. Later in the game, Chapter 4, you will find the lock combination to the safe up in Cassandra’s room for the Clerk’s Office safe (Image 1). If you remember the combination, and use it early in chapter 2, you will find the Alone in the Dark video game box (Image 2). The combination for the lock is 913, so you’ll start with going left to 9, right to 1, then left all the way around to 3 (Image 3).

The Alone in the Dark box is a part of The Hartwood Curse Lagniappe set. There are two other pieces in this set for players to find:

alone in the dark witness the black pharaoh lagniappe set menu

Like all Lagniappe sets, this one reveals a hidden missive. Once they’re all collected, head to the menu to see what it says. If you don’t want to wait until you collect them yourself, you can read the bonus text in the drop-down below.

alone in the dark the hartwood curse bonus text

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