Jack in the Box Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

This guide will help you find the Jack in the Box Lagniappe in Alone in the Dark. Compared to some other toys you see in the game, Jack in the Box is positively benign. Still, it’s a Lagniappe, and when combined with two other similar items, it unlocks an intriguing bit of Forbidden Knowledge.

You’ll be able to grab the Jack in the Box Lagniappe in Chapter 2, after you leave the Hateful Mound. You’ll find the box in the corner of Grace’s room (see image 1 below) sitting on a chair (see image 2 below). To get the actual Lagniappe, you’ll need to activate the box, wait until the Jack pops out, give it a few seconds, and then pick it up.

Jack in the Box is a part of the When It Makes You Worse Lagniappe set. The other two Lagniappes you’ll need to complete this set are:

alone in the dark when it makes you worse featured image

When you collect these Lagniappes and complete this set, you’ll unlock some Forbidden Knowledge asking some pointed questions about the kind of therapy administered at Derceto:

alone in the dark when it makes you worse bonus text

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