How to Solve the Clerk’s Office Safe Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

When you start Chapter 4, your first objective will be to break into Dr. Gray’s office, but the door inside is locked. If you remember the safe that was in the Clerk’s Office (the one your character said was impossible to open before), this is the time to open it, but you will need to find the combination. In this guide, we will go over where to find the combination, and how to open the safe.

Note: If you are playing as Emily, this puzzle is entirely optional — she can get to the destination after Dr. Gray’s office another way.

Finding the combination is straightforward, you will just have to do some walking — if you don’t care about collecting all the clues, you can skip right to the Puzzle Solution.

Make your way over to Cassandra’s Room on the second floor (Image 1), and you will notice there is a new item on the typewriter next to the door (Image 2). Pick it up to grab the Cassandra’s Last Page Clue. If you read the text, it mentions the combination to a safe — 913. It also confirms that this is the combination for the safe in the Clerk’s Office.

Now that you know the combination, go to the safe in the Clerk’s Office, and turn the wheel left until it reaches 9, rotate right until it reaches 1, then rotate left until you hit 3. If done correctly, the safe will open up.

Opening the safe will get you Dr. Gray’s Office Key, and The Empty Room Clue. You can now use the key to get into Dr. Gray’s Office, and find out what he knows.

It is in fact entirely possible to solve this puzzle as early as in Chapter 2. Here’s how to do it and why you would want to:

When you’re exploring Derceto in Chapter 2, make your way inside Clerk’s Office, and unlock the safe using the 9 – 1 – 3 combination described above. When you do, you’ll receive the Alone in the Dark Lagniappe needed to complete the Hartwood Curse set and unlock a hidden memory in the Attic.

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