Box of Biscuits Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

The madness induced over the years by the whole cookies vs biscuits discussion is sure to rival that of any H.P. Lovecraft story. And as such, we shouldn’t be surprised that the Box of Biscuits is a Lagniappe in Alone in the Dark. When combined together with two other Lagniappes, it unlocks a Secret Objective. This guide will tell you exactly how to find it.

You will only be able to get the Box of Biscuits Lagniappe when playing as Emily following her World War 1 flashback in Chapter 4. When you appear in the unmarked part of the basement after the flashback (Image 1), keep moving forward until your flashlight goes out. You will then need to restore the power before you can loot anything in that particular section of the basement. To do it, find the breaker box on the wall (Image 2) and simply flip the second switch (Image 3). This will turn the lights back on and allow you to grab the Box of Biscuits from a desk in the corner (Image 4).

Box of Biscuits is a part of the All the World’s a Stage Lagniappe set. In order to complete it, you will also need to grab the following Lagniappes:

alone in the dark all the world's a stage featured image

Once you’ve picked up all three of the above Lagniappes, you’ll receive a Secret Objective fully detailed in the set guide. And beyond that, you’ll also get a paragraph of intriguing Bonus Text, which you can reveal by clicking the dropdown below.

alone in the dark all the worlds a stage bonus text

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