How to Solve the Sarcophagus Talisman Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

During Chapter 3 of Alone in the Dark, after you open the safe inside the Pregzt warehouse and find the address for where Jeremy first encountered the Dark Man, you’ll be able to visit that fateful location. When you do, you’ll be treated to a cutscene with Jeremy and then left inside a locked room with seemingly no way out. This guide will help you escape that room and progress the game’s story.

Solving the Puzzle

The only meaningful objects you can interact with in the room after the cutscene plays are the sarcophagus where you’ll be able to insert your talisman, and an Egyptian-looking disk siting on the stage.

alone in the dark sarcophagus talisman view

The disk will serve as your primary clue for this puzzle (1), and in fact you can see a drawing of it in your Commonplace Book (2). Its three sections (outer, middle, inner) are marked with constellation signs that by that point you’ve already used as a substitute for numbers. In case you don’t remember the cipher, you can always look it up in Perosi’s Journal on your Investigation tab (3).

Using these cues together, we can see that the disk suggests the coordinates of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo. When translated into numbers, this gives us the code: 2 – 5 – 8. Insert the talisman into the sarcophagus and input these coordinates, with 2 for the outer section, 5 for the middle, and 8 for the inner one.

alone in the dark sarcophagus talisman disk clues

Doing so will open the sarcophagus and allow you to visit the Dark Man’s Sunken Temple.

If you find yourself stuck inside that subterranean trap, feel free to consult our complete walkthrough.

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