How to Solve the Grace’s Drawings Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

If you’re playing as Edward, you may have noticed a collection of Grace’s drawing on the floor of her room in chapter 4. This is a puzzle that only Edward can get, and it is part of unlocking his hidden memory. In this guide, we will show you how to solve this puzzle.

Before you can solve this puzzle, there is a missing drawing that you must find.

To find the missing drawing, you will first need to go into the Empty Room. Inside you will need to open a safe (if you need help in doing this we have a guide for that!). Take the Picayune inside, then head to Maccarfey’s Room. On the southwest corner, there will be a small vent you can open with the Picayune, and you will find The Missing Picture.

alone in the dark the missing picture location

Now that you have the picture, go back to Grace’s Room and put it with the rest of them, and the puzzle will begin. For this puzzle, you will have to rotate and arrange the pictures in a specific way.

The key to solving this is the rot in the middle. You will notice that all of Grace’s drawings will have some rot drawn on them — these parts of the drawing will connect with the rot in the center. If you’re having trouble connecting the lines, a trick you can use is to pick up a drawing and move it anywhere (but don’t place it). This will let you see the floor and the actual rot, so you can know what shape you need to match in that section.

When you rearrange all of the drawings properly, it will look like the picture below:

alone in the dark grace's drawings puzzle solution

Solving this puzzle will activate your talisman, and as soon as you leave the room, you will begin delving into Edward’s memories.

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