How to Solve the Empty Room Safe Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

If you decide to check out the Empty Room during Chapter 4, you will find a safe inside. In it is the first step in figuring out what the Dark Man wants you to see — but you will have to get it open it first. In this guide, we will go over how to find the combination, and open the safe up.

Empty Room Safe Puzzle

The solution to this puzzle is different depending on if you’re playing as Edward or Emily. However, the method to finding the combination is nearly identical.

The combination to this safe has actually been with you for the entire game — you just have to figure out where to look. Inside the empty room, you will see that the wallpaper on the east wall can be torn off. Tear it off and examine the wall, and you will see various text written. What you’re looking for is a line of text that has an incomplete number on it (instead being filled with ‘XXX’). This is your clue to the combination.

The text on that line will refer to an item unique to your character — the very first item that was in your inventory when you started the game (Edward Carnby, P.I. for Edward, and A Long Engagement for Emily). If you read this clue, you will find the same text as the wall, as well as the complete number, with the item filling in the Xs in the clue:

  • Edward – #196692-LA (The safe combo is 6, 9, 2)
  • Emily – 1918 (The safe combo is 9, 1, 8)

That missing number is the safe combination. Go back to the safe, and use the combination turning left, right, and left. If you did it correctly, the safe will open.

The item you find inside will depend on your character — Edward will find a Picayune and the Look for the Girl Clue, while Emily will find a Flash Bulb and the To Emily Clue. There is nothing else in this room, and you can use the item you’ve obtained to find out just what the Dark Man wants you to see.

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