How to Solve the Boiler Talisman Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

Following your narrow escape from the Hateful Mound in Chapter 2 of Alone in the Dark, you’ll be able to explore another lead in your search for Jeremy. This means you’ll be doing some more running around Derceto and collecting broken plates. Once you have them all, you’ll need to solve another talisman puzzle. This guide will help you with it in case you get stuck.

To start this particular puzzle, you’ll first need to collect the missing plates for the boiler down in the basement and solve the tile-based puzzle there (Image 1). Once you do, your next objective will tell you to Find the Talisman numbers hidden on the Boiler (Image 2).

Once you’re done with the tile puzzle, the boiler will have two interactable spots – the plates where you’ll be inserting the talisman, and a series of gauges around the pipes (Image 3). There are exactly three gauges there, which brings us directly to the solution. The large gauge is showing a 9, the medium gauge is showing a 7, and the small gauge is showing a 5 (Image 4). Connecting this to the sections of the talisman gives us the coordinates: 9 – 7 – 5.

Insert the talisman into the boiler and dial the following numbers:

  • 9 – 7 – 5, outer to inner

Now, simply leave the boiler room and proceed through the linear path open to you, ascend a few steps, and you’ll find yourself inside the Lafayette Cemetery.

alone in the dark boiler talisman boiler lafayette

Good luck. We hope our guide helped you out. Seeing how the Lafayette Cemetery has quite a few proper head-scratchers, do consult our complete walkthrough if it gives you any trouble.

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