The Crescent City Lagniappe Set – Alone in the Dark

This guide will help you complete The Crescent City Lagniappe set in Alone in the Dark. Named after New Orleans and its peculiar shape, this set will have you collecting items connected in some way to that fine city. Once you do, you’ll be rewarded with a helping of Forbidden Knowledge – how’s that for a cosmic gumbo.

Here’s a list of the Lagniappes you’ll need to complete The Crescent City set:

Check out the individual Lagniappe guides for the precise locations, while below you’ll find some general directions to these three Lagniappes.

Playing as both Emily and Edward, you’ll find it while exploring the cellar in Chapter 1.

alone in the dark lagniappe streetcar ticket in game v1

Playing as both Emily and Edward, you’ll find it on the balcony of the apartment building in the French Quarter in Chapter 1.

alone in the dark ju ju location

Playing as both Emily and Edward, you’ll get it after a cutscene with Ruth when you enter New Orleans in Chapter 3.

alone in the dark matchbook lagniappe featured image

Completing The Crescent City set will unlock a bit of Forbidden Knowledge related to the role of the city of New Orleans in the game’s story.

alone in the dark the crescent city bonus text

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