Rorschach Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

The Rorschach Lagniappe is a picture of the same ink blotch used in psychology. In Alone in the Dark, collecting these Lagniappes can unlock secret texts and objectives. This guide will help you locate the Lagniappe, and show you the others in the set of three that you need for the reward.

An easier one to find, the Rorschach is in the Clerk’s Office in Chapter 2. You can unlock the door to the Clerk’s Office (see image 1 below) with Batiste’s Keys, which you’ll have received in New Orleans during chapter 1. Over by the safe in the back of the room, the Rorschach is sitting on a shelf (see image 2 below).

The Rorschach is a part of the When It Makes You Worse Lagniappe set. If you want to complete this set, you will also need these Lagniappes:

alone in the dark when it makes you worse featured image

This particular set, after finding all three Lagniappes, rewards the player with some Forbidden Knowledge explaining how Dr. Gray conducts his reproachable medical practices:

alone in the dark when it makes you worse bonus text

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