How to Solve the Hotel St. George Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

While making your way through Edward’s memories, you will eventually find yourself in the Hotel St. George. When you make your way inside the kidnappers room, you will have to solve a puzzle to find out where he went next. In this guide, we will go through how to solve this puzzle.

Hotel St. George Puzzle

Just like the puzzle in Edward’s office, you will need to find 3 Key items to place on a U.S. map on the bed of the apartment:

  • Hotel Bill – on the front counter on the first floor.
  • Telephone Directory – on the floor next to the bed.
  • Business Card – on top of the desk across the door.

Place these 3 pieces on the map on the bed to begin the puzzle. Just like before, you will need to flip and arrange these pieces so that Edward can figure out where to go next. In order to solve this, you want to flip all 3 pieces. Then arrange it so that the Business Card is on the left, the Hotel Bill is on the top, and the Telephone Directory is on the right.

alone in the dark hotel st. george puzzle solution

After solving this puzzle, leaving the hotel room will take you to another area, allowing you to further explore what Edward forgot.

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