Profane Totem Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

Not to be confused with a Propane Totem, Profane Totem is a Lagniappe in Alone in the Dark you’ll need to collect if you’re looking to complete A Goat Without Horns Set. This guide will lead you right to it.

You’ll get a chance to pick up the Profane Totem Lagniappe during Chapter 4 when playing as Edward. Once you get transported to Pearl River after figuring out some truths about your past in the French Quarter, make your way through the linear path (see image 1 below) until you reach a fork in the road (see image 2 below). You’ll need to go right to progress the story. Go left instead (see image 3 below) and you’ll see a dilapidated hut there (see image 4 below). Go inside – the Profane Totem will be waiting for you among the debris on the floor (see image 5 below).

Profane Totem is a part of A Goat Without Horns Lagniappe set. You will also be collecting the following Lagniappes to complete this set:

alone in the dark a goat without horns featured image

Once you complete the set, you’ll get The Tree Whispers Secret Objective you can read more about in the set guide. You’ll also get a few vague hints through the following Bonus Text, which you can reveal by clicking the dropdown below.

alone in the dark a goat without horns bonus text

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