Gameplay Tips – Alone in the Dark

While going through Alone in the Dark, there are a number of things to keep in mind that will help your investigation go more smoothly. In this guide, we’ll cover a few tips that will help you on your search for Jeremy.

True to the theme of trying to solve a mystery, Alone in the Dark highly encourages you to explore as much as possible. Look in every nook and cranny you can to find ammo, healing items, clues, and even key items and Lagniappes (the game’s collectables).

While in the Derceto Manor, use the map to your advantage. Any rooms on the map that are colored pink still have something left to grab, while blue rooms are fully looted. Take a look at this while collecting items, so you can know what rooms are worth taking another look at.

alone in the dark map

Even if you search every inch of a room, sometimes you’ll notice that the room is still pink on your map. This doesn’t necessarily mean you missed something, however. This can also occur if there is an item stored inside a puzzle you can’t solve yet, or if an item doesn’t show up in that room until a later act. So, if there doesn’t seem to be any way to find another item, you can come back to that room at a later point and try again.

While making your way through the Derceto Manor, make an attempt to open every door the first time you see it, even if they are locked. Doing this will allow your map to update which doors you can’t open at the moment with markers, so it will be easier to know if you will need to find a key, or find another way around to open them later.

The main purpose of the Lagniappes are to give you extra lore when collecting a full set, as well as being the key to the secret ending in the game. There is one set that has another purpose, however — the Lost Children set. This set can be completed as early as Act 2, and completing it will open the cabinet in the Small Parlor that houses the shotgun!

alone in the dark shotgun location

Once you have unlocked the full set, you can grab the shotgun at any time while you have access to the Small Parlor — this includes being able to grab it very early in subsequent playthroughs (as your collection progress carries over between runs). So if you want some extra firepower on your search for Jeremy, keep an eye out for this set!

You have limited resources in Alone in the Dark, but if you know how to manage them well, it won’t be a huge issue. Here are a couple of things you can do to make the most out of your ammo and healing:

  • In the areas outside of Derceto Manor, you will find plenty of melee weapons and thrown items. Use them on enemies to help conserve ammo. As you hardly, if ever, backtrack in these areas, don’t feel like you need to save these weapons for later.
  • If you find a drink and your healing inventory is full, feel free to heal to free up room and grab it if you’ve taken some damage. In most cases, you won’t come back for these drinks later, so there’s no reason to not just use them immediately.
  • Some encounters can be avoided entirely. Take advantage of this when possible to prevent wasting ammo and losing health.

Now that you’re armed with some useful knowledge, you can better focus on finding Jeremy and learning about the mystery of what’s happening!

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