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Lagniappes are collectible items in the game, Alone in the Dark, that provide the player with either “Forbidden Knowledge” or “Hidden Objectives” — and occasionally other things. However, to unlock a Lagniappe’s reward, players have to collect all three in a set. They can be found in specific locations throughout the game. Note that some sets can’t be completed on the first play through, and require you to play again with the other main character.

Lagniappes will look just like any other item in the game, and can be picked up with the interaction button (button xbox a, playstation x button, or computer key e t). If you want to find them all, then it’s necessary to be as meticulous as possible and search everywhere, while interacting with every possible thing in the game.

alone in the dark lagniappes top level selecting lagniappe

Each set of Lagniappes has a general theme, and the items relate to a central idea or story. As soon as you find a Lagniappe, you have the option of “opening” it; this option brings up the Lagniappes menu, and shows you the set of which the Lagniappe is a piece. We have links to guides for each set below, as well as more detailed guides for the individual pieces.

The save system in Alone in the Dark is unique, because you can reload a save and acquire a Lagniappe, then it will be unlocked on your character for all those saves. As a result, if you miss a lagniappe in a previous chapter and the area isn’t available anymore, you can reload a previous save and grab it. When you reload your most recent save, it will be in your inventory. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have saves at the beginning of each chapter (even if it is difficult with the limited save slots).

alone in the dark lagniappes top level save menu

After you have collected all the pieces of a set, there will be a new prompt in the Lagniappes menu. Select the set, and at the bottom of the screen it will say “Show Set Bonus Text” with a designated button next to it. Press the button to show the forbidden knowledge in the menu.

alone in the dark lagniappes top level seeing forbidden knowledge v1

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