How to Solve the Derceto Entombment Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

Following Emily’s Great War Flashback during Chapter 4 of Alone in the Dark, you will find yourself inside a closed-off part of Derceto’s basement absolutely packed with revelations about Emily’s personal connection to that place. And while that’s all well and good, before you can continue with the game, you’ll need to escape that basement. This guide will help you do it.

Because nothing is ever easy, not long after you wake up inside the basement, the power will go out, plunging it into complete darkness. Your personal flashlight won’t give you enough light to see the majority of interactable items down there. So, your first order of business will be making your way into a nearby room with a big desk and a circuit box on the wall. From there, restoring the power is quite simple – flip the second switch and the lights will turn on.

Now that the power is on, you will need to collect two stacks of blueprints. Grab Derceto Entombment Plans B from a cabinet to the right of the circuit box (3), then make your way to the big table in the center of the room (4). There you’ll grab Derceto Entombment Plans A, and will be able to combine the two stacks on the big “Derceto Entombed” blueprint there.

From there, you will need to arrange the blueprints in the correct order to see an escape route. The only hint the game gives you are the bits of the bigger picture you see when you pick one of the pieces up. Simply arrange them as shown on the blueprint underneath, with the envelope going in the top left spotand the following legend:

  1. Yellow folder
  2. Foyer
  3. Archive
  4. Surgery
  5. Laboratory
  6. Morgue (doors on top and bottom)
  7. Quarantine
  8. Repository
  9. Morgue (doors on left and top)

Arranging the pieces in the correct order will start a cutscene. After it plays, you’ll end up with The Truth key (Image 5). Use it on the door leading up into the Infirmary (Image 6).

Free from the closed-off section of Derceto, you can now continue with the game. In case it gives you any trouble, be sure to check out our complete walkthrough.

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