How to Solve the Attic Statue & Talisman Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

Once you have a piece of Jeremy’s Darkness in hand from completing the X-Ray examination puzzle during Chapter 4 of Alone in the Dark, you’ll be heading into the Attic to get one step closer to breaking Jeremy’s contract with the Dark Man. Your latest obstacle on that path is a talisman puzzle you have to complete before you can visit another of Jeremy’s memories. This guide will help you overcome that obstacle.

When you reach the Attic, you’ll see a closed box there (Image 1). Use it and it will open, presenting you with a weird collection of rocks. When you add Jeremy’s Darkness to it (Image 2), you’ll recognize these pieces as parts of a Chthonian Statuette you’ll need to reassemble.

  • Begin by moving the bottom right piece to the middle left position.
  • Move the middle right piece to the top right spot.
  • Move Jeremy’s Darkness from the bottom left spot into the top left one.

Now that the statue is assembled, you can proceed to dialing the talisman. This time around, you won’t have to go far to find the coordinates. Just look at the box, and you’ll see the code: 6 – 4 -1. And that’s the order you have to put the numbers in after placing the talisman onto the statue – 6 for the outer section, 4 for the middle, and 1 for the inner one.

alone in the dark attic puzzle code

With that done, you’ll be taking a trip to a steamboat that ran ashore. In case you need any help with that, check out our complete walkthrough.

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