Preserved Reptile Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

While there must certainly be a scientific reason for preserving a snake in a jar, the Preserved Reptile Lagniappe in Alone in the Dark is likely meant to be used for a more occult purpose. And if you’d like to add it to your collection as you work towards gathering the full set of three – as is the case with all Lagniappes in this game – this guide will help you do just that.

Preserved Reptile is one of the earlier Lagniappes you find in the game. And it’s actually pretty hard to miss it. You can pick it up once you enter the French Quarter in Chapter 1. Simply make your way to the Johnny Conqueror store (see image 1 below). Once inside, you’ll have a cutscene conversation with Batiste. Afterwards, you’ll be able to grab the Preserved Reptile Lagniappe from the table to your immediate left (see image 2 below).

Preserved Reptile is a part of A Goat Without Horns Lagniappe set. You’ll also need to find the following Lagniappes to complete the set:

alone in the dark a goat without horns featured image

Completing the set grants you The Tree Whispers Secret Objective better detailed in the set guide. It also leaves you with some hints in the form of the following Bonus Text, which you can reveal now if you like by clicking the dropdown below.

alone in the dark a goat without horns bonus text

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