Toy Talisman Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

The Toy Talisman is one of the many collectible Lagniappes in Alone in the Dark. Unlike the real talisman that lets you break the walls between dreams and memories, the Toy Talisman breaks the fourth wall and, together with the rest of its set of three, serves as a reminder that we all are playing a game.

You’ll find the Toy Talisman Lagniappe near the end of Chapter 4, when you finally get access to Dr. Gray’s Apartment (Image 1). Once you step inside and get used to the new perspective, simply pick up the False Book from the desk (Image 2). When you do, the Toy Talisman will appear on the floor by the globe (Image 3 below).

Toy Talisman is a part of the All the World’s a Stage Lagniappe set. If you want to complete it, you’ll also need the following Lagniappes:

alone in the dark all the world's a stage featured image

Once you have all three of the above Lagniappes, you’ll be granted a Secret Objective fully detailed in the set guide. And before you get to that, you’ll get some Bonus Text, which you can read by clicking the dropdown below.

alone in the dark all the worlds a stage bonus text

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