How to Solve the Water Bucket Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

Soon after entering Chapter 2 of Alone in the Dark, you’ll be tasked with collecting some missing plates scattered throughout Derceto. Your search will eventually lead you into the Kitchen Garden area where you’ll see one of the plates inside a bucket in a well of some sort and out of your reach. This guide will help you get your hands on that plate.

Solving the Puzzle

This particular puzzle is reminiscent of the old point-and-click adventure games where you need to combine items with other items until you achieve the desired result. Lucky for you, this puzzle is confined to the Kitchen Garden area, and in order to visit it in Chapter 2 you’ll need to use the Bolt Cutter tool. Which means that if you’re there, you can solve the water bucket puzzle.

alone in the dark water bucket map

First off, head to the shed (Image 1) and use your Bolt Cutter on the chained door (Image 2). While you’re there, might as well move the ladder to unlock a shortcut for later. With the shed now open, grab the water hose inside (Image 3) and head to the well with the bucket (Image 4).

Attach your water hose to the garden hose already sitting there (Image 5), then follow the garden hose to the back area from where you originally left the garage back in Chapter 1 (Image 6).

Don’t be startled be the glowing eyes and the growls we can only assume belong to some local stand-in for Brown Jenkin – it doesn’t do anything to you, and you can’t seem to do anything to it either (Image 7). Turn the tap on (Image 8) and go back to the well (Image 9). A Broken Plate will be waiting for you there (Image 10).

One tile closer to your goal, you can now proceed with the game. And if you require any further assistance, be sure to check out our complete walkthrough.

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