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While the main ending you get for beating Alone in the Dark is fairly satisfying, and actually pretty upbeat for a horror game, the game does offer a number of secret extra endings you’ll have to work for if you want to unlock them. This guide will assist you in doing so.

This if the default ending you get for beating the game. If you reach Chapter 5 by playing normally, chances are that this is the ending you will see. To activate it, simply choose to “wait for Miss Hartwood/Detective Carnby” by the fountain at the end, enjoy a grisly cutscene, and proceed to beating the final boss.

alone in the dark regular ending trigger

Easily the most amusing and “on the nose” among the endings, What Just Happened requires you to collect the complete All the World’s a Stage Lagniappe set. You can only do it if you beat the game as both Emily and Edward. If you do and have the full set, once you reach Chapter 5, interact with Grace under the big tree instead of the fountain. When you do, the fourth wall will get completely shattered, and you’ll probable get a good chuckle.

alone in the dark all the world's a stage featured image
alone in the dark what just happened ending trigger

The Radical Acceptance ending is exclusive to Emily Hartwood. It revolves around reconciling with her past as you collect the complete Dying With Dignity Lagniappe set.

Once you have the complete set, and find yourself inside Dr. Gray’s apartment in Chapter 4, you’ll be able to interact with an easy-to-miss painting in the side room just behind the hidden door there.

From there, we are still working out the next step in order to get this ending and acquire this achievement.

alone in the dark dying with dignity featured image
alone in the dark radical acceptance step 1 destroy painting

As opposed to Radical Acceptance, the One of a Thousand Young ending is exclusive to Edward Carnby and revolves around his connection to Derceto and the big tree you can find growing there. You learn about all this by completing A Goat Without Horns Lagniappe set.

To activate this ending, make your way to the big tree in the Conservatory during Chapter 4 after you’ve collected the full set.

From there, we are still working out the next step in order to get this ending and acquire this achievement.

alone in the dark a goat without horns featured image
alone in the dark one of a thousand young step 1 offering to wishing tree

These are the endings you can get while playing Alone in the Dark. From triumphant to funny, and dark, there’s something for everyone there, and we hope you found them to your liking.

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