Vagabonds Lagniappe Set – Alone in the Dark

This guide will help you assemble the Vagabonds Lagniappe set during your Alone in the Dark playthrough. Once you do it, the game will reluctantly reveal a shred of its Forbidden Knowledge to you.

These are the Lagniappes comprising the Vagabonds set:

Check out the individual Lagniappe guides for the precise locations, while below you’ll find some general directions to these three Lagniappes.

Playing as Emily, you’ll get it after you have a chat with Ruth in the Library in Chapter 2. Playing as Edward, you’ll get it after a similar conversation, only it will take place in the Mezzanine.

Playing as both Emily and Edward, you’ll find it by the Dark Man statue inside the Sunken Temple in Chapter 3.

alone in the dark canopic jar location

Playing as both Emily and Edward, you’ll find it on a crate in the steamboat engine room in Chapter 4.

alone in the dark broken compass location

The bit of Forbidden Knowledge you get for completing this set will leave you with some vague instructions on the functionality of your talisman. You can reveal this text in-game by collecting all the Lagniappes, or by clicking the dropdown below.

alone in the dark vagabonds bonus text

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