How to Solve the Broken Clock Talisman Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

When you finally get to explore Dr. Gray’s Apartment during Chapter 4 of Alone in the Dark, you will eventually answer a phone call so ominous, it breaks a nearby clock with the sheer power of its mysteriousness. You will then be able to slot your talisman into the broken clock and solve your final talisman puzzle of the game. This guide will help you do it.

Solving the Puzzle

When the phone call ends and the clock breaks, approach and use it to get a closer look (Image 1). You’ll end up inserting your talisman inside the clock. To dial it, this time around you don’t even need a numeric code. Just remember the drawing on the floor in the adjacent room (Image 2) and use it as your guide:

  • The outer section’s wide part is at the very top
  • The middle section’s wide part is at the bottom
  • The inner section’s 5-depression is at the bottom

Simply copy this position with your talisman inside the clock and you will solve the puzzle. In case numbers are easier for you to understand, this diagram translates to: 0 – 0 – 0.

alone in the dark broken clock puzzle closet

When you return to the other room, you’ll be able to go through the newly-opened portal inside the closet. Instead of Narnia, it will take you to the frozen shores of Greenland. And if you’d like some assistance with getting through that harsh place, do consult our complete walkthrough.

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