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hacking computer in celtcorp one step ahead starfield mission walkthrough featured image upload program

One Step Ahead – Starfield Mission

No simple coffee runs in your second mission for Ryujin Industries. Instead, you’ll get a chance to test your stealth skills while hacking computers in a rival company’s office. Note: You will need 1 rank in Security to complete this…

tomo confrontation back on the grind starfield mission walkthrough featured image

Back to the Grind – Starfield Mission

The first mission for the Ryujin Industries faction, Back to the Grind entails a simple job application and interview, followed by perhaps the most interesting coffee run you’ll ever make. Location & Unlocking Gaining access to Back on the Grind…

elden ring shadow of the erdtree wallpaper cropped jpg

[Leak] Elden Ring DLC Possibly at TGA, Released Feb ’24

FromSoft YouTuber Ziostorm revealed today on Twitter (we still aren’t calling it X) that “unverified sources” say the upcoming Elden Ring DLC will be shown on December 7th at The Game Awards. These same sources have also claimed that the…

ammo inventory where to buy ammo starfield featured image

Where to Buy Ammo – Starfield

Starfield’s enemies tend to soak a lot of bullets before they go down, and you’ll often find yourself running out of ammo. You can pick some up off of your foes, but it’s often not enough, and they won’t always…

galactic view one giant leap starfield mission walkthrough featured image

One Giant Leap – Starfield Mission

This is the final mission of Starfield’s main story. You’ll get a chance to say goodbye to all your friends if you want, and then it’s off to the Unity. (Optional) Talk to Your Friends Before You Leave If you…

featured image in cavern revelation starfield mission walkthrough

Revelation – Starfield Mission

This main story mission is the start of the game’s conclusion, and it’s appropriately involved, featuring a space battle and a combat-heavy search for the final artifacts. Preparation This is a very long mission, with numerous non-optional combat sections. Before…

featured image menu screen starfield how to upgrade ships

How to Upgrade Ships – Starfield

You spend a lot of time in Starfield getting from point A to point B in your ship. Often, this gets interrupted by pirates, bounty hunters, or pesky Starborn — so having a ship that can fight, grav jump, and…

featured image nasa launch tower and colony ship unearthed starfield mission walkthrough

Unearthed – Starfield Mission

This main story mission takes place in the Sol system. In Unearthed, you’ll explore a couple of NASA facilities in your search for answers about the Artifacts. Go to the Nova Galactic Research Station To unlock this mission, you’ll need…