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shadow of the erdtree scene in ghost graveyard

8 New Elden Ring Weapon Types Teased in Miyazaki Interview

Now that the Shadow of the Erdtree gameplay trailer has dropped, FromSoft has finally broken radio silence on what we can expect from the massive Elden Ring DLC coming June 21st. In an extensive interview with Japanese outlet Famitsu, FromSoft…

killer weapons and powers dbd guide featured image

Killer Weapons & Powers – Dead by Daylight

There are a lot of Killers in Dead by Daylight, and they all have their own powers and abilities. In this guide, we’ll explain how Killer powers and weapons work in order to give a clear, concise explanation of every…

dead by daylight killer chasing on ormond

Dead by Daylight Feb Dev Update Features Killer Buffs

The monthly Dead by Daylight developer update went up today, revealing upcoming quality of life and balance improvements for a couple of the licensed Killers, and quite a few of the original roster. The Killers are mostly getting one or…