Dead by Daylight April 2024 Stats Show 3-Gens Down Over 5%

We got the latest round of Dead by Daylight statistics today, this time featuring some fun Killer-related numbers. The newly released stats also demonstrate the positive impact recent balance changes have had on the 3-gen meta, and we get to see the changing pick rates of Killers.

A 3-gen is when a Killer only defends 3 generators that are in close proximity to one another, and Survivors do all the other generators, leaving a “3-gen” — an easily defended final 3 generators that the Killer patrols relentlessly. Changes to Killer Perks, and a newly added limit to how many times a generator can be kicked, have made this strategy much less viable, as the numbers show:

3 gen statistics dead by daylight april 2024 stats

We also got stats on new Killer The Unknown, who has been picked regularly (no surprise there) and has a respectable 64% kill rate. There have been a whopping 2 million moris, which means a lot of times people had to look at the new Killer’s disgusting visage while being sent to the Entity.

the unknown killer statistics dead by daylight april 2024 stats

Naturally, The Unknown is at the top of the pick rate chart — confusingly, his 10% Use Rate in the above image doesn’t match his 9% pick rate below. Bubba falls from number 1 to number 5, and both Deathslinger and Chucky leave the top 10 entirely. New to the list are The Doctor and, naturally, The Unknown. The rest of the top 10 has stayed relatively stable.

pick rate killer statistics dead by daylight april 2024 stats

Finally, The Nemesis’ zombies get their own little section. Although it might feel like the zombies are always there in the wrong spot, it looks like they don’t really get a lot of hits in, averaging less than 2 a match. Still, their pretense alone can cause problems, even if they don’t manage to actually injure you.

nemesis zombies statistics dead by daylight april 2024 stats

Once again, some fairly illuminating statistics. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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