How to Beat Scylla and the Sirens – Hades II Boss Guide

The second boss of Hades II is a massive step up in difficulty from Hecate. Not only do you have to deal with three different characters flinging attacks at you, you have to first make it there without losing too much health in the previous rooms! It’s not impossible, however, and in this guide we’ll go over how to take down Scylla and her bandmates.

  • Location – End of Act 2 (Oceanus)
  • Reward – x1 Pearl

As with the previous boss, movement speed will be essential to help you avoid damage. With that in mind, grabbing any boons that increase your sprint will help quite a bit. The Soot sprint boon from Hestia is particularly valuable, as it destroys incoming projectiles.

Additionally, making sure you have a boon that adds damage to your Cast will be invaluable. Not only will this give you a tool to damage the boss without having to stand and actually fight them, the bosses often stand near each other, allowing a damaging Cast to hit multiple sirens at once. A powerful cast will also help you clean up the huge swarms of fish that appear near the end of the fight.

Faster weapons tend to be better in this fight — try and avoid using the Moonstone Axe or the Umbral Flames, as both are a bit unwieldy for this boss. The Argent Skull can be a particularly strong option as you can frequently hit multiple sirens at once with the skull’s AoE.

There are too many moves for us to cover every one individually, so instead we’ll first look at how to tackle the Sirens, cover some general strategy, and then go over a few specific things to watch out for.

Here’s how to approach the fight:

  1. First, target the drummer – She’s standing still, and she puts out the most annoying moves to dodge — she’s the one making all the circles on the floor. Once she goes down, it’s much easier to dodge the other attacks.
  2. To make it easier, pull the mobile sirens away from the drummer – You can bait the other sirens away from the drummer, making her easier to attack. If you have good area-of-effect damage through weapons and/or boons, you may not want to do this, however.
  3. Next, pull the guitarist away from the singer – The lead singer’s attacks are very dangerous, and can be hard to avoid if you’re near her. The guitarist also has some tough to avoid attacks, but as long as you stay away from her until she finishes each attack, it should be relatively simple to avoid taking damage.
  4. Once the guitarist goes down, deal with the singer – Her attacks can last a while, but she pauses for a long time between each one, so wait until she’s done attacking, then dash in and deal as much damage as possible before she starts another attack — or just use your special.
  5. Do it all again – After you defeat all three sirens the first time, they will all start attacking again, with one of them being the “featured artist” (their attacks will be more powerful). The same thing will work again: take out the drummer, then the guitarist, and finally the singer. Watch out for the swarms of fish that show up near the end of the fight, and make careful use of your Ω Cast to deal with them.

General tips

  • Try and use your Ω Cast on as many sirens as possible. If you can’t, just use it on the drummer.
Ω omega cast on multiple sirens scylla boss fight hades ii
  • Focus on avoiding damage — there are a lot of projectiles to avoid in this fight, not to mention the drummers floor attacks and the guitarist/singer chasing after you.
  • Avoid attacking the singer from behind, as her shell will block all damage. Instead, use your special on her, as her attacks are all fairly short ranged and your special should let you damage her without being in danger.
  • All three sirens will pause for a significant period of time after each attack, so try to position as close as possible to them without being in range, and then sprint/dash in when the attack finish and unload.
  • You can also do a lot of damage out of range of the sirens with your special.

How to dodge the drummer’s floor circles

The hardest part of this fight is arguably avoiding the damage on the floor from the drummer — which is why we target her first. Until she goes down, however, we’ll have to deal with her attacks. There are many variations of the floor attack, but they all function the same in that you want to avoid standing in the red circles, where the floor is red. The key is to avoid dashing, and instead focus on sprinting. Only dash when you need to get off of a circle quickly.

The hardest one to avoid is probably the attack that covers the width of the arena, and heads one direction, then another. To dodge it, run away from it at first, then dash over it in the direction it’s coming from.

Hopefully these tips help you finally defeat Scylla and the Sirens! If you have questions, or your own tips to share for this boss fight, let us know in the comments below.

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