Todd Howard’s Not Done Selling You Fallout 4 Copies: Updates, Steam Deck Verification, Free Stuff April 25th

The Fallout TV show has released on Amazon Prime Video to relatively positive reviews, and it looks like Bethesda is primed and ready to take advantage of any renewed interest in the video game series. A number of Fallout 4 updates and upgrades were announced today, including plenty of free new features, items, and decorations. These updates are set to launch April 25th.

It’s clear Todd Howard is concerned that — unlike with Skyrim — people haven’t yet bought a copy of Fallout 4 for every device they own. To rectify this issue, Fallout 4 will soon be available on the Epic Games Store, and it will also become Steam Deck verified. There’s a free update for next-gen consoles as well (Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5) bringing a Performance Mode and Quality mode, plus stability improvements and fixes. This update promises “up to 60 FPS and increased resolutions” — so if you have the game on PS4, now you’ve got a reason to buy it for your PS5! That said, last-gen consoles will also be getting a free update, albeit one that solely contains stability, login, and quest fixes.

Folks who don’t own the game on PC will also have a reason to buy it there, with widescreen and ultra-widescreen support coming in the update. Like with the console update, this update will also include stability fixes (plus a fix for login issues for Japanese and Chinese language players).

Still not convinced you need a fresh copy of Fallout 4? There’s some new free stuff to sweeten the pot, in the form of a new quest, Enclave Remnants, plus new Creation Club skins, armor, weapons, and decorations. These free new items, and the new quest, will arrive on April 25th, along with the rest of the update.

You can check out the new items and decorations below:

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