Fallout 4 Supply Lines Guide

You’ve established a mighty settlement empire in Boston. Congratulations wasteland overlord! However, it looks like you’ve hit a bump on the road of Commonwealth Conquest- While your heavily fortified and supplied home of Sanctuary is in a comfortable spot, what are you to do about your smaller settlements? The measly plot of land in the middle of nowhere with virtually no resources in sight? That’s where supply lines come in!

Supply lines are a useful feature in Fallout 4’s workshop mode that allows you to share supplies such as food/water and scrap items.

  • For example, if you have a large amount of 500 steel in Sanctuary and create a supply line to Red Rocket Truckstop, the 500 steel will be available for use at the latter and so on as new settlements are connected.
Fallout 4 Supply Lines Connected Settlements
Connected Settlements

Be mindful that only excess food and water will be distributed to supply lined settlements.

  • If there are 10 settlers occupying a settlement with only a satisfactory amount of 10 water points, no excess water will be given to the connected settlement. A deficiency in resources between connected settlements can cause a happiness deduction.

In the pipboy “Workshop tab” it is possible to view resources between all of your settlements.

  • A triangle next to any resources such as water indicates there is a shortage of that supply, causing a deduction in happiness.
  • If the supply is green however, it means that resource is being supplied through the supply network.
Fallout 4 Supply Lines Settlement Pipboy Data
Pipboy Data

To utilize the supply line feature you must have

  • The “Local Leader” perk which requires Charisma level 6
  • At least 2 settlements unlocked
  • 1 unassigned settler per supplied settlement (you cannot use one settler to supply multiple settlements at once. You can move settlers between settlements to compensate)
Fallout 4 Supply Lines Local Leader
Local Leader

To establish a supply line, activate workshop mode at your desired starting settlement. Locate an unassigned settler and at the bottom of your screen, there should be a control guide indicating your platforms button to establish a supply line (Q by default on PC). A menu will pop up with a list of your settlements from which you can assign your settler to go, establishing the supply line.

From then on, your settler will walk back and forth between the connected settlements with a pack brahmin accompanying him/her. You can also observe the supply lines from your pip boy map. There should be a button indicated that clears your map only showing your settlements as well as lines between them indicating they are connected.

  • Provisioners can function as friendly patrols between settlements if you equip them with armor and weapons as they walk back and forth between them.
  • It is possible to establish a supply line between Spectacle Island and other settlements on the mainland (How the brahmin are able to swim such a distance is unknown)
  • Provisioners can be given items which will be delivered to the settlement they are assigned to (functioning as a sort of portable storage unit)
  • To avoid cluttered supply lines on your map, it is encouraged to use a “blossom” supply line between 3 major connected settlements that can supply to any surrounding settlements. Some recommended hubs are Sanctuary, Bunker Hill, and The Castle.
Fallout 4 Supply Lines Blossum Supply Line
Blossum Supply Line

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