Fallout 4 Out of Time Quest Walkthrough

The quest begins after the introductory cinematic. In the introduction you will create your characters appearance, in addition to assigning the SPECIAL perks and name of your character (fill out the Vault Tec representatives questionnaire). If you choose to be male, you will be a retired soldier. If you choose to be female, you will be a law school graduate. These choices do not affect gameplay or stats, but merely serve as the background story for your character. Additionally, you can explore the house you are in, although after a few minutes you will have interacted with every item you are able to interact with.

Once the introduction is complete, you will wake up and emerge from your cryogenic pod in Vault 111. There are a few important items scattered around your surroundings. You can grab your significant others wedding ring by interacting with the red control lever on their cryogenic panel. On the left side of the cryogenic chamber there is some junk that you can grab for later use.

Exiting the room leads you into a hall. There is a terminal in which you can read messages on if you follow the path to your right. Make sure you grab the Stimpack sitting on the desk after reading the messages. Continue on and you will find a Baton sitting to your left on a crate. You will need to grab this in order to defeat the Radroaches which will be up ahead of you. If you want to use V.A.T.S. while fighting the radroaches, hit either LB (xbox), L1 (Playstation), or Q (PC) and target them.

Keep moving through the power room and into the cafeteria. As you move, remember to grab any junk you find. It will be useful later on. At the next terminal you are able to take the Red Menace tape once you are done playing the minigame. Explore the room further by looting every desk and locker, you will find a good amount of junk. As you continue on following the path, you will find the Overseer’s desk. Grab the 10mm Pistol and stimpacks that are lying on the desk (trust me, you’ll need them).

There is a small living area behind the wall, make sure you go around the wall and grab the junk there. Do not worry about the Cryolater, the weapon that is locked up. You will be able to come back and get it later. Next, you will want to use the terminal and open the door to exit. Be wary, the next area is infested with Radroaches.

Fallout 4 Weapons Cryolator Case
Cryolator Case

When you are near the main Vault exit, look for a skeletal arm that is lying on the floor. There will be a Pip-Boy unit attached to it. Picking it up will allow you to push the red button and open the Vault door. At this point in time, it is wise to create a save file before using the elevator. This will be the last chance you have to respec your character. It also allows you to skip the introduction/tutorial of a new game if you plan on playing again later on.

Fallout 4 Exit Vault 111
Exit Vault 111

Once you are officially in the Commonwealth, make sure you loot the two trailers near the Vault exit. Next, begin to head to Sanctuary Hills. It’s the neighborhood just down the hill, and also where the introduction cinematic took place. Once you reach Sanctuary you will see Codsworth outside your house.

Congratulations, you’ve found your first companion! Speak to him and he will give you a quest in which you follow him and clear Radroaches and Bloatflies from the nearby houses. Keep your eyes open for locked safes in the nearby houses. You can lock pick them and find valuable beginning game loot. Ensure you also go back to your house and go into Sean’s room. Under or near his crib there is a unique collectible book titled You’re Special. Pick it up, it will allow you to gain one SPECIAL point of your choosing.

Fallout 4 You're Special
Fallout 4 You’re Special

Once the quest is complete, speak to Codsworth again. He will tell you to head to Concord. Along the route to Concord is a Red Rocket Truck Stop. Make sure you stop there, as your second companion, the ever loyal Dogmeat, is right outside. Kill the Molerats that infest the stop and walk inside. Make sure you pick up the cap stash that is near the terminal in the southern corner of the gas station. You will also find chems in the chem cooler nearby. The terminal logs will also point you in the direction of a cave in which the owner hid their stash. Also ensure you pick up the chems in a first aid box lying near a ruined fuel pump. Red Rocket Truck Stop will serve as a great place to repair, modify, and craft weapons and armor. There are workbenches in the garage suited for this purpose.

Fallout 4 Red Rocket
Red Rocket

Head south from Red Rocket to find the small Molerat den mentioned in the terminal logs. Be prepared for a fight once inside. There are two side paths inside. The eastern most path will lead you to a note titled “Trashbusters Reward”, 10mm rounds, a pipe pistol, and most importantly, a fusion core. The other side path will net you randomized loot in a duffle bag. A third side tunnel, to the west of the main room in the cave, holds a novice level locked safe. Beware, there is a rabid Molerat in this room.

Head onto the road north-east of the gas station. From this road, follow it south-east. This will take you to Concord. The house that is right before Concord (on the right side of the roade) holds some good loot. Head inside and upstairs to find a bobby pin cache and a chems bag. Downstairs in the oven is a bottle cap stash.

Once you get closer to Concord you will begin to hear gunfire. Kill the attacking raiders. It is a good idea to hide behind the sandbags and use V.A.T.S. on them. Additionally, use Dogmeat to attack them as well. Once this is done, you will be told by a man on the roof to pick up the nearby laser musket. Thus, ‘Out of Time” is officially completed, and the quest When Freedom Calls begins.


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