Fallout 4 Reunions Guide

This quest begins immediately after the previous quest Getting a Clue‘. You should be in Diamond City. Find Dogmeat outside Kellog’s house, and allow him to sniff the cigar. Then follow your faithful canine companion as he tracks down Kellog.

Follow Dogmeat south-west to an overturned chair situated near a pond. Another cigar will be found there. Interact with it to continue the quest, and continue to follow Dogmeat west. You’ll follow him along railroad tracks, encountering Mole Rats while you walk. Dogmeat will lead you down a flight of stairs and into an area where a fight has taken place. There will be two bodies and a broken auto turret you can loot.

Here you are looking for the bloody bandage by the door. Pick the item up and Dogmeat will follow the trail. Continue up the stairs behind Dogmeat and follow the railroad tracks again. You’ll fight a group of Feral Mongrels and a Stunted Yao Guai as you follow Dogmeat. Dogmeat will lead you down some stairs in a metal building. There are can chimes at the bottom of the stairs, so be sure to disable them.

Continue into the tunnel, following Dogmeat, and take the bottle of Gwinnett Stout near a chair. This is the next clue needed. Dogmeat will now head south-west out of the tunnel area and onto a bridge. As you reach the bridge you will be ambushed by Ghouls. Keep following Dogmeat and he will lead you to a destroyed Assaultron. Talk to it to find more information on the Kellog.

Continue to follow Dogmeat. Eventually you will reach a fence where some more bloody bandages are. Grab the item, and search a nearby sign to find another clue. Dogmeat will lead you to Ft. Hagen. Once Dogmeat stops at a blocked door, talk to him in order to confirm this as the location you have been looking for. If Dogmeat is not a current companion, he will leave.

Fallout 4 Reunions Roof Hatch
The Hatch is in the middle section of the roof.

To find a way in, follow the wall to the back side of the building. You will see a ramp heading up to the roof. There are auto turrets ready to attack, so be ready. Follow the path onto the roof and enter the hatch on the top,

Fallout 4 Reunions Fort Hagen
Fort Hagen is on the far left side of the map.

Fort Hagen houses a handful of turrets and Synth enemies, so be prepared for a fight. After the fight is over, it’s time to loot! Near where you entered is a novice locked bathroom filled with health items. Near a turret is a novice locked ammo box. However, be sure to grab the copy of Guns and Bullets in the break room in the corner. The magazine lies on the corner of a table.

Fallout 4 Reunions Fort Hagen Stairs
After clearing and looting this floor, use the stairs right near the pictured Protectron to continue on to Kellog.

Head west to the stairs, and go down. You should see a Protectron being charged. There should also be a novice level locked terminal. Activate the Protectron, you now have a new ally! Help it kill the synths, and continue on to clearing the floor of enemies. In the final room you clear on the this floor, is an army trunk. It is filled with ammo. There is also an advanced level terminal in the middle of the room. Hack it and unlock the nearby door. There will be some randomized loot, in addition to a novice level locked ammo box.

Fallout 4 Reunions Fort Hagen Hallway To Kellog
To the right of this door is the elevator. To the left is a hallway which continues the route to Kellog. The armor and weapon crafting benches are in a room on the left hand side of the hallway as you continue to Kellog.

After you are done looting, unlock the chained door and go into the room on the right. There is a novice level locked suitcase. Go back and head down the stairs, Go to the left and you will enter a hallway with an elevator at the end. Use the elevator. Immediately unlock the door on the left, it leads back to the area you were just in. Continue down the hallway and destroy the Machine Gun Turret. Kill any Synths you find. The right side of the hallway has an electric trap, so watch out. After this trap, the left side of the hallway houses Armor and Weapon Crafting benches, if you need to use them.

Continue forward and head down the stairs. There is an electric trap after you open the door. Loot the area after the door to score some pulse grenades, a first aid kit, and randomized loot found in a novice locked ammo box. You should head down more stairs. A turret will be at the bottom. Then enter Fort Hagen Command Center.

There are three Synths down the hallway from you. Kill them and continue down the hallway, then head to the right. Loot the boxes underneath the bunks. There is also an expert level terminal here. If you can get into the terminal, you can turn off the turrets in the area. The remote door option does not actually do anything. Past the terminal on the right side is a novice level locked door. There are various amounts of junk and loot in the room. Head down the stairs and kill the two Synths you find. There is a room full of junk on the left. There is a novice level locked toolbox in the room on the right.

Fallout 4 Reunions Fort Hagen Command Center
Go down this hallway and take the double doors on the right. From here the path becomes extremely narrow and linear.

Continue through the hallway and enter the double doors on the right. There is a lot of medical loot here. Take the right side and go down the narrow maintenance hallway. There is a toolbox with the Fort Hagen Armory Password. You’ll certainly want that! Head back and enter the door on the left into a cafeteria. In the back between two fridges is the Energy Weapons Bobblehead. After you pick this up, two Synths will attack you.

Continue on in the path and kill two more Synths that come up. Kellog will keep asking you to leave as you get closer. Use the password you found on the terminal ahead. Loot the armory to your heart’s content. You’ll find many weapons and ammunition. Outside of the armory is Kellog’s bedroom. Inside you can find a U.S. Covert Operations Manual to the right of the bed. There is also a novice level terminal which allows you to control turrets. Make sure you loot the novice level locked First Aid Box in the bathroom.

Move forward, and make sure you loot the First Aid Box behind the door on the right. You’ll also find a Bobby Pin Box on the shelf behind the door in the washer room. Soon you will enter a large room that has a red ammo box in the middle. I would save here, as a boss fight is about to commence.

Fallout 4 Reunions Kellog Doorway
Kellog is straight ahead after this room, be prepared for a fight.

Talk to Kellog. You can ask him questions and learn about Shaun. Or, Atleast, try to learn. Inevitably, battle will commence. Kellog will use stealth boys to go invisible. Kill his Synth cronies. He can do quite a bit of damage to you, so be sure to heal if he hits you. Use VATS and target Kellog. You will know Kellog is low on health when he begins to throw grenades. Keep shooting him, and he will eventually die. Once dead, be sure to loot him for a password to his terminal. There is a lot of loot in the room. Loot the army box on the right wall, and loot the first aid items in the middle of the room near the terminal.

Fallout 4 Reunions Kellog Room
The room Kellog is in is wide, with plenty of cover and maneuverability.

Grab the copy of Robco Fun on the ground behind the terminal. Use the terminal and learn about Kellog and the Institute. Use the terminal to open the doors so you can leave easily. Talk to Nick once you are done with the terminal. He will tell you to talk to Piper back in Diamond City. Ride up the elevator and open the door with a nearby terminal. You will see the Brotherhood of Steel airship in the sky. You will get the quest ‘Reveille” or “Shadow of Steel” depending on your progress with the faction. Fast travel to Diamond City and talk to Piper to end the quest.

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