Fallout 4 Dangerous Minds Guide

The quest picks up where the previous one, Reunions, ends. You will have talked to Piper in Diamond City. She will have told you about her research. With that, “Reunions” ends and “Dangerous Minds” begins.

Finding Goodneighbor

Fallout 4 Dangerous Minds Goodneighbor Location
Goodneighbor isn’t that far from Diamond City.

If you haven’t found Goodneighbor yet, don’t worry. Simply follow your quest compass Northeast until you find it. It’s just north of Postal Square and Pickman Gallery. If you have already found it, then simply fast travel to Goodneighbor. Enter the Memory Den and after a brief conversation between Nick and Irma you will head downstairs to talk to Doctor Amari.

Fallout 4 Dangerous Minds Goodneighbor
Once you enter Goodneighbor, head straight through a narrow alleyway. The Memory Den will be on your left once you come out of it.

Talk to Amari and give her the brain piece you got from Kellog. She will try and extract memories with Nick, but it turns out they are encoded. Ask if there is anything you can do to solve the issue, and Amari comes up with a way to bypass this encryption.

Before entering the pod, make sure you loot the room. There is a copy of Robco Fun to the left. Once you’ve looted the room, enter the pod. Follow the purple synapses. To interact with these memories, simply hit X on PS4, A on Xbox One, or E on PC on anyone or anything in the memory to gain Kellog’s thoughts on them.

Fallout 4 Dangerous Minds The Memory Den
Once you enter Goodneighbor, head straight through a narrow alleyway. The Memory Den will be on your left once you come out of it.

Let each memory play out once you are done interacting with the people and objects in it. The first memory is of Kellog’s childhood in a rough home. The next is of his time with his family. The third memory is a bit different, there is no commentary, it only plays out. The fourth memory shows Kellogs new life. Here you can comment on things within the memory again. These include the bar, Kellog, and the wastelanders.

The fifth memory is Kellog’s first encounter with The Institute. The sixth memory will look very familiar, and has the most interactions/commentary available. You can interact with the Institute scientists, Kellog, yourself, your son, and your significant other. The seventh memory is the final one, and it reveals Kellog in Diamond City with your son. You’ll get a lead in this memory, an Institute scientist has escaped and gone into the Glowing Sea.

After that, you leave the memories and the pod behind by inspecting the TV. As you leave the pod doctor Amari will talk to you a bit. According to her, the Glowing Sea is highly irradiated. You will need either a radiation suit and chems or a suit of power armor.

Head upstairs and talk to Nick. After talking to Amari the quest ends, and the next quest The Glowing Sea will begin.

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