Fallout 4 Unlikely Valentine Guide

This quest begins once you have talked to Ellie Perkins in Valentine detective agency in Diamond City. It is recommended to level up before embarking on this quest, there is heavy fighting. It is also recommended that you purchase supplies at the Diamond City market.

Once you’re ready, follow your compass and quest marker Northeast until you reach Boston Commons. Once there, you’ll find the subway tunnel leading to the plaza.

Fallout 4 Unlikely Valentine Park Street Station
Park Street Station. Enter here to start your rescue of Nick Valentine.

Be ready for a fight. Once you enter the area, it is swarming with submachine gun toting Triggermen. To your left is an area you can hide behind for cover. It’s recommended you kill the enemies on the left so you have some cover if needed. Now it’s time to loot the area. There is a terminal in a small room in the southern section of the area. There is also a novice level locked door. Open the door to find a room filled with loot, including an expert level locked safe. Be sure to loot the bathrooms as well. However, be careful, the middle stall in the farthest bathroom has a grenade trap in it.

Next, you’ll want to move down the stairs further into the subway station. Watch out for the bathroom scale floor trap- be sure to disarm it for XP. After this, the area widens out, but is filled with around a dozen Triggermen. If you have a companion with you, they can be a great help in this fight, as either a distraction or bullet sponge, or another fighting hand (or paw if you have Dogmeat).

Fallout 4 Unlikely Valentine Inside Park Street Station
The area widens out here. Be prepared for a big fight.

Once all the enemies are dead, head toward the novice locked door in the west corner. Once through the door be on the watch for another trap in which a gun shoots at you if you trigger the tripwire. It’s near the sleeping bag. Loot the expert locked safe and then head east down the left hand tunnel. The area opens up into one more large area, where there are more Triggermen present. Kill them and loot what you find, then head on into Vault 114.

As soon as the Vault door opens, a Triggermen will investigate it. He will come from the left side. After killing him, unlock the novice level toolbox on the left hand side. Take out the single Triggermen in the room to your left, and then head to the right and read the terminal located there. You’ll learn why Vault 114 was made. Grab the nearby chems lying on a table and head into the room on the left. This will lead you down a staircase into a room with a hallway on the left. Make sure to loot the toolbox and kill the two Triggermen. Follow the path and you will enter a room filled with catwalks. All the Triggermen in this room will come from the left side. The right side does not lead to anything of note- a few measly supplies that will get you more irradiated than they are worth.

Fallout 4 Unlikely Valentine Vault 114 Exterior
Here is the exterior entrance to the vault. The light won’t be there until you open up the door.

Make your way to the left and kill the Triggermen. You’ll enter a chamber to the north-east. Loot the pre war money off of the chair, and then loot the open safe and bobby pin box on top of the safe. They are right across from the chair. Jump down the hole in the floor and read the terminal. You’ll find more bobby pins nearby, and can finally enter Vault 114.

Another wide open area waits for you when you finally enter the Vault. Straight in front of you you’ll see an NPC named Dino taunting Nick Valentine. Kill him and search him for the “Overseer Door Password”. Before letting Nick out, be sure to explore the area. Be sure to pick the advanced lock on the door on the middle floor. It’s along the western end of the room across from where you came in.

Fallout 4 Unlikely Valentine Vault 114 Interior
Congratulations, you made it inside Vault 114!

Once you’re done exploring, interact with the terminal and unlock Nick. Talk with him, but before leaving make sure you pick up the Speech Bobblehead that is on the desk. Make sure you also grab the three holotapes V.114 Interview #3, V.114 Interview #21, and finally, V.114 Interview #87. Listen to them in order.

Next, follow Nick downstairs, where you’ll run into more Triggermen. After Nick unlocks a locked door. Follow him up the stairs, and be sure to loot the Astoundingly Awesome Tales #8 magazine located on the chair near the lit candles. Continue to follow Nick and kill Triggermen as you find them. There is a novice locked crate in the second bedroom, be sure to loot it. Continue to follow Nick upstairs and through hallways. Be sure to pick the advanced locked door for a large amount of pre war money and a master locked safe. Follow Nick and he will unlock another door, warning you that he hears footsteps.

Once you leave the Vault, you will run into Skinny Malone and his girl. There are a few different speech checks here. By choosing the “Remember the Quarry” option and passing the charisma check, you will end the confrontation peacefully. Otherwise, if you’re forced to fight, focus on the other Triggermen first. They have lower health than Skinny.

Once they are dealt with, continue to follow Nick through the tunnels. Eventually, one on the streets, he will stop and talk to you. He will invite you back to his office to discuss Sean, your son. At this point you can go your separate ways, he will make it back to Diamond City in one piece. Unlikely Valentine will end, and the quest Getting a Clue will begin.

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