Fallout 4 When Freedom Calls Guide

Before heading inside The Museum of Freedom, take some time to explore the area. Loot any dead raiders and Minutemen around you. You’ll find a healthy amount of ammo and precious loot. Check the stats of the armor the raiders have, chances are it’s better that what your currently wearing.

Fallout 4 When Freedom Calls The Museum Of Freedom
Use the museum as a reference point to loot Concord.

The area of Concord is ripe for looting, so before following the quest instructions, pick the area clean. Head north-west from the museum towards the hardware store. Loot the junk inside, and continue on up the street. On the right side of the street is a door that leads to a “speakeasy”. Behind the counter is an advanced locked safe. Upstairs is an advanced locked door. Inside this room are several trunks and suitcases filled with randomly generated items. You will also find a room filled with mannequins and machetes, if you want a better melee weapon.

Fallout 4 When Freedom Calls The Speakeasy
The Speakeasy. It’s back down the street that leads to the museum, on the right side.

Leave the speakeasy and continue up the street. In the blue house is a caps stash, it lies behind the counter. When you continue up the street, stop at the brick house on the left. There is an expert locked safe upstairs, and a first aid kit behind the counter. Across from the safe are a tool case and ammo box. From here head north-east until you find a building with a white door. Head inside and go downstairs, you’ll find an advanced lock safe with two skeletons. Drop down onto a ruined floor to find a duffle bag with more loot.

Head back to the museum and go to the church located south-west of it. Inside is another expert level safe, a molotov cocktail, and a randomly generated gun. Leave the church and go past the museum, heading north-east. Go past the bus stop and enter the last house on the right. You’ll find a bobby pin stash and a chems stash downstairs. Upstairs is a great find, a dead raider with a pipe bolt action sniper rifle.

The last place you can loot is a randomly generated encounter. It’s east of house you are in. You’ll see a campsite in a parking lot. The encounter can be beneficial or dangerous to you, so be careful when approaching the location. When you’re done, head back to the museum.

Fallout 4 When Freedom Calls The Museum Of Freedom Doorway
Take this doorway on the immediate right to continue through the museum.

Once inside the museum, walk toward the gate and grab the bobby pin box that is on top of the dispenser to the left side. Facing the gate, turn right and go through the rooms filled with mannequins. Be wary, raiders will be shooting at you as soon as you enter the museum. You will find a collapsed staircase on the far side, with a locked cage and terminal at the bottom. Use the terminal and unlock the cage. You can now grab the fusion core that is inside the reactor on the far side.

Fallout 4 When Freedom Calls The Museum Mural
The mural. It’s the first doorway on the left side of the stairs.

As you continue up the stairs, raiders will shoot at you from above. Take a left at the top and enter the room with the large mural. The floor should be covered in collectible ammunition bags and boxes. Exit via the first exit to the winding hall and the stairway that leads to the upper floor.

Kill the raiders you find in the area upstairs. Once all the raiders are dead, go and talk to Preston Garvey. He’ll give you a mission with a big reward. Before leaving the room ensure you grab the perception bobblehead from the desk. There is also an atomic command holotape and a Robco Fun magazine right next to it, so be sure to get those too.

Exit via the far door and follow the compass outside. Loot the desk, which contains a cap stash on the way out. Enter the power armor and grab the minigun. Step through the copter onto the roof. There will be several raiders on the roofs and in the street below. Shred them, and don’t be afraid to drop down into the street below, you don’t take fall damage while in power armor.

Fallout 4 When Freedom Calls Battle Of Concord
At the end of the top floor hallway right under the red exit sign is the door to the roof, where the power armor and minigun are.

A Deathclaw will emerge in the main intersection halfway through the fight. Light it up with the minigun from a safe distance. Aim for the Deathclaw’s head and belly, those are the weakest points. As the Deathclaw advances on you, keep backing up while firing. If he hits you, he’ll do massive damage, power armor or not.

Once all the enemies are dead, loot everyone. Make sure you pick up the Corvega Room Key off of a dead raider. There is one more secret area you can loot and explore. Drop down the sewer the Deathclaw emerged from. Head into the first room, there will be a door that is chained shut. Release the chains. Take this door and be prepared for some Mole Rats to attack you near the water. Continue on and follow the water left. Ignore the stairs to the right and head straight to the catwalk.

As you traverse the catwalk you will see a Softshelled Mirelurk. Kill it and head past the bridge. You will see three paths branching straight, right, and left. Go right and down into the water. There will be a Vault Tec Lunchbox and a fusion core by the pipe at the dead end. Loot the dead raider for drugs. There is also a ledge above the raider with more drugs. Jump up to it, it may take a few tries.

Head back up the split path. Across from the steps is a dead-end area with a first aid kit on the wall. Head up the path and return to Concord. Then return to the museum and Preston will be in the lobby. Talk to Mama to start the Jewel of the Commonwealth quest. Preston will head to Sanctuary. Follow him and his group back there. Once back in Sanctuary, talk to Preston and agree to help him with the Minutemen quest “The First Step”. When Freedom Calls will end.

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