Fallout 4 Getting a Clue Guide

Now that you’ve rescued Nick Valentine, it’s time to start the next step. Start the quest in Diamond City at Nick’s detective agency. Talk to Nick and give him all the information on Sean’s kidnapping. Using his detective skills, and based on the description of the attacker you give, Nick will figure out that a Diamond City resident, Kellog, fits the description of Sean’s kidnapper. Before you leave and follow Nick to Kellog, talk to his assistant to get the previously negotiated payment for finding Nick.

Follow Nick, and you will arrive at Kellog’s house. It looks abandoned, so you’ll have to break in. There are a few ways to do this. If you have a master level lockpicking skill, you can go ahead and pick the lock. If you don’t you’re going to have to get the key from the mayor’s assistant. To find the mayor’s assistant head to the entrance of Diamond City and follow the signs to the Mayor’s office.

Fallout 4 Getting A Clue Kellog's Houde
Kellog’s house is straight ahead. Just follow Nick, it’s on the far right side of the map.

You’ll find Piper arguing with the secretary in the mayor’s office. You can pass a charisma check with Piper for some XP. Then talk to Geneva, the secretary. To get the key you can bribe her for 250 caps, pass a hard speech check, or a more moderate one (“my baby’s been stolen”).

If you can’t sweet talk her, and are against spending the caps, there are two more options. Wait until it is nighttime and sneak into the office. You can steal the key from a novice level lock in her desk. The other option is to sneak into the next room, past the secretaries desk. Hack the mayor’s terminal (novice). Once you are in you can read his emails and notes, in addition to unlocking the safe to the left of you. In the safe is another copy of Kellog’s key.

Return to Kellog’s house and enter. It’s a small house, so loot anything that is there. Check under the desk, and there is a hidden button. Press the button, and a secret door will open up. Head inside the room and loot everything that isn’t tied down. Make sure you loot the cigar, that’s the clue you need. Soon Nick will want to talk to you. You’ll suggest that Dogmeat is needed to sniff the cigar. Nick will agree, and asks you if you want him to continue working with you. At this point, you can either keep him as a companion or send him on his way.

Fallout 4 Getting A Clue Desk

As long as you have met Dogmeat, he will be waiting for you outside the house, even if he wasn’t currently following you as a companion. Let him sniff the cigar and he will be off tracking the scent. Thus, Getting a Clue ends, and the next main quest, Reunions begins.

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