Fallout 4 Institutionalized Guide

This quest begins right after you finish the previous quest, The Molecular Level. You’ve built the teleporter and gained access to the Institute. Now it’s time to find your son, along with answers to all your burning questions.

Once you arrive in the Institute, feel free to explore the area and loot anything you can. Once you are ready, step into the elevator. Once you get off the elevator, follow the hallways until you come to a second elevator.

Step into the elevator and hit the button. You will ride up until you reach a room with a little boy locked inside. Talk to him, and then you will soon be interrupted by the leader of the Institute, Father.

Fallout 4 Institutionalized Father

Talk to Father in any way you feel, but it is recommended you do not fight him until you get all the answers you need. The conversation with Father will end with him asking you to join the Institute. At this point, you can choose option A, rejecting his offer, or option B, accepting his offer.

Choose negative options when talking to Father. This will ensure you will not be able to cooperate with the faction later on. Father will allow you to return to the teleporter room, where you will leave and end the quest.

If you accept Father’s proposal, be aware that you aren’t making any crucial decisions. You don’t need to worry that your relationship with the other factions will be worse off. That will only happen only after you start completing more Institute quests. You can stop your cooperation with the Institute at any time.

Fallout 4 Institution
The Main Area

The next step of the quest is to talk and introduce yourself to the various staff of the Institute. Exit the area where you talked to Father and look for a spiral staircase. Go all the way to the bottom of these stairs. This should lead to an open area where an elevator (in a tube like shape) is in the middle.

To find Doctor Clayton Holdren, wander around the main open area until you see the signs for the Bioscience division. Follow the signs and talk to him.

You can find Doctor Madison Li in the Advanced Systems lab. It’s a good idea to find her because she will modify your Pip-Boy with the ability to fast travel in and out of the Institute.

You’ll find Allie Filmore, the Chief Engineer, in the open area. She does tend to wander around, but just wait a bit and then talk to her.

Fallout 4 Institutionalized Allie Filmore
Allie Filmore

Finally, you can find Justin Ayo in the Synth Retention Bureau. Talk to him and then head to the elevator in the main area.

You can use any terminal in the entire Institute to do this. Press the load holotape button once in the terminal. Then select the Network Scanner tape from the list. Confirm that you want to scan the network. This will end the current quest.

You can now explore the Institute and fulfill faction quests, or leave by fast traveling out. Now, the final quests of the game are related to the faction that you have chosen to align yourself with. Choose carefully, the fate of the entire Commonwealth is in your hands.

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