Fallout 4 The Glowing Sea Guide

The Glowing Sea quest begins right where you finished Dangerous Minds. Before embarking on this quest, make sure you have a lot of Rad-X and Radaway. The entire area you will be traveling is heavily irradiated. But be ready, there will also be heavily mutated enemies throughout the area. Another tip, if you really want to be successful, have a full suit of power armor and a lot of fusion cores.

Once you have all the necessary supplies, begin your trek to the Glowing Sea. Just follow your compass’s quest indicator. It’s recommended to fast travel somewhere close to the Glowing Sea. A great place to start is Mass Pike Interchange.

Fallout 4 The Glowing Sea Location
The Crater of Atom is at the bottom left of the map.

You will be heading south-west into the Glowing Sea. Eventually you will come upon a crater filled with glowing lights. Down below is a village filled with a strange cult like group. Here you have two choices. You can kill them all (you are trespassing after all) or you can speak with them.

Fallout 4 The Glowing Sea Path
The cultists are just ahead.You’ll follow a narrow path with stone sides to this point.

If you choose violence, search the area for a piece of paper that indicates the location of a nearby cave. Otherwise, speak with their leader, Mother Isolde. Mother is located to the south in a large wooden shack. She has a few speech checks. Eventually, she will direct you to a nearby cave.

Before leaving Mother, head upstairs to the second floor and find a copy of Astoundingly Awesome Tales. You’ll gain +5% damage against Ghouls.

The cave is roughly southwest of the crater you’re in. Be aware, there is a deathclaw roaming the area. Deathclaws are no joke, and should always be taken seriously.

Enter the cave and ensure you do not attack any sentry turrets or robots you see. They are friendly, but if you attack them they’ll turn on you. Continue into the cave and you will meet Virgil. Surprise! He’s a super mutant. Talk to him, and he will request an exchange: a serum from the Institute for the knowledge he has. You’ll have to kill an Institute Courser to gain access to the Institute, an intimidating thought.

Fallout 4 The Glowing Sea Cave
Don’t worry about the turrets. Just follow the path straight and you’ll find Virgil.

After talking to Virgil, the quest will end, and the next quest “Hunter/Hunted” begins. Before you leave the cave, make sure you look around and steal a pair of Super Mutant Bracers for your favorite Super Mutant side companion Strong. Additionally, there is a Tesla Science magazine in the cave as well.

If you’re confident in your equipment and character level, the Glowing Sea is filled with a handful of interesting and unique locations to explore. Just be wary of the radiation levels and the enemies you will come across. It’s a good idea to explore and level up a bit before going on to find an Institute Courser.

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