Dead by Daylight’s March 2024 Stats Show Hillbilly Rework Was a Success

The Dead by Daylight team has dropped the January 31st through March 11th stats for DBD in 2024, revealing some interesting tidbits about Killer pick rates, skill checks, and what goes down during the Endgame Collapse. While stats can often be misleading, or at least hard to interpret, they can also be useful! Plus, seeing the numbers is just fun sometimes (at least when you aren’t the one who has to do the math).

The first stats shared are the improved Kill and Use rates for Hillbilly. A 9% increase in kill rate is significant, and brings him from near the bottom of the barrel (he was 2nd to last in the January stats) to what would be the top ten in the aforementioned January stats.

hillbilly kill stats april 2024 dead by daylight

The other Killer stats we got today were the top 10 picked Killers. Unsurprisingly, the reworked and much easier-to-use Hillbilly’s 8% pick rate puts him at the number one spot. The new arrivals to the top 10 are Hillbilly and Deathslinger, replacing Nurse and Blight. Deathslinger was part of the recent Tome challenges, almost certainly the cause of his recent popularity.

killer pick rate stats march 2024 dead by daylight

And now we get to one of the stats we’re most excited about: Skill Checks! Every feel like your teammates miss every skill check and lose you the game? Well, now you can quantify just how often that happens. All of the Skill-check-miss related Perks are listed as well, revealing that Huntress Lullaby makes things the hardest — who knew we relied on the sound cue so much?

skill check stats march 2024 dead by daylight
Among high MMR players, the main pie chart is instead 63% good, 33% great, and 4% missed

The End Game Collapse wasn’t part of DBD when the game was released, but instead was added a few years later. Since then, it’s activated almost 1 billion times. That’s a lot of end games. The end game does not seem to be a safe place for Survivors on the hook: there are twice as many kills as there are saves. Perhaps this is thanks to perks like No One Escapes Death, or perhaps it’s just because people don’t want to risk their skin to save their fellow players.

endgame collapse stats march 2024 dead by daylight

These kinds of stats are always super fun to see, and we’re hoping BHVR keep dropping them! The devs called for suggestions for different data we might want to see, so head on over to the official post and let them know what you’d like to see quantified next.

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