Elden Ring Build Planner Updated for Shadow of the Erdtree Patch 1.12.2

Shadow of the Erdtree has been a challenging expansion so far, which means having a well-optimized build is all the more important. And EIP has your back — our Elden Ring Build Planner has now been updated, and includes all of the new Shadow of the Erdtree items. Weapons, armor, talismans, spells, and incantations can all be added to your build, allowing you to plan exactly how your build will look.

The build planner is also a calculator. Want to know how much damage you’ll do with a specific set-up, or figure out which combination of talismans will give you the most fire resistance when facing Messmer? The build planner can do that. You’ll also be able to put in your character’s stats, and calculate things like equip load and total stamina — and knowing if you’ll fat roll or not can be crucial.

Once you’ve got your build sorted, check out our Elden Ring walkthrough if you need any help finding all the items, beating bosses, or just figuring out where the heck to go next!

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