How to Beat Perfumer Tricia & Misbegotten Warrior – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Rewards: Perfumer Tricia Spirit Ashes,rune v2 elden ring currency9870
Summons Available: Yes

Found at the end of the Unsightly Catacombs on the Altus Plateau, this duo boss can be quite challenging, mainly because there are two of them. The Misbegotten Warrior is a few that shows up in a few places, and this time he’s got a perfumer buffing him and casting AOE fire spells. In this guide, we’ll give you both general tips as well as specific strategies for defeating this pair of foes.

  • Perfumer Tricia has much less HP, and should be targeted first.
  • Group summons like the Lone Wolf Ashes or Demi-Humans are effective against the Misbegotten Warrior, and will keep him busy while you deal with Tricia.
  • The Radagon Icon is a good choice for magic characters, because it can be hard to find windows to cast spells vs the Misbegotten Warrior.
  • You can skip most of the runback to the boss by equipping the Longtail Cat Talisman and then falling off the stairs that cross the pit in the center of the catacombs.

As soon as you enter, summon your spirit of choice — group summons that can stunlock foes are best — and then target the perfumer. Melee characters should two-hand their weapon, while casters should use a spell that goes through shields well (Carian Slicer is an easy-to-acquire and effective option here). You can often get an attack or two off before the Misbegotten attacks, but be careful and stop attacking if he targets you.

Try to position so that the Misbegotten is targeting your spirits — once he is, you can go to town on Perfumer Tricia. Make sure you’re using jumping attacks if she’s blocking (spellcasters can obviously just spam away) and she should go down quickly. If you are finding that your spirit summons die before you can finish off Tricia, you should see if you can upgrade your Spirit Ashes of choice with Roderika in Round Table Hold, and/or find a way to boost your DPS (like Radagon’s Scarseal).

If you’re lucky, your spirit summons will still be alive when Tricia dies, which will make the fight against the misbegotten much easier. He’s a challenging foe, with a lot of fast moves mixed in with some very delayed attacks. If your summons are still alive, ranged characters can use slow, staggering spells like Loretta’s Greatbow, which will not only help you DPS him down, but can stagger him, letting your summons stay alive even longer.

Only heal when you’re certain his combo is finished; see the moveset below and try to familiarize yourself with his combos and attacks. The most obvious chances to heal are after any attack in which he slams his sword hard into the ground. You can use the pillars to make his attacks miss (he’ll get stuck on them), which can also be a way to create space for a heal.

Melee characters can try blocking or two-handing their weapon, although you shouldn’t block the attacks where he drags his sword on the ground, and try to roll any leaping attacks as well. Magic users should consider quick melee spells, or otherwise make sure you’re only trying to cast quick spells like Glintstone PebbleCarian Slicer is again a good choice here, and the Radagon Icon can help make it possible to get spells off.

We aren’t listing Tricia’s moveset here in detail because for this strategy, we’re going to attack her and not let her cast any spells. However, in case you’re curious: she can heal her ally, create an arc of flames, throw flames to a specific spot, and shield both herself and the Misbegotten Warrior.

  • Leap Forward: Small leap forward followed by a horizontal slash.
  • Hand Strikes: Quick left-hand swipes, that can be followed by other attacks.
  • Dashing Strike: The boss dashes sideways, before following it up with a horizontal slash.
  • Wide Swipes: Several wide swipes that can be followed by a finishing jump attack.
  • Spin Attack: The boss initiates a stomp, that is quickly followed up by two spinning attacks.
  • Long Attack Chain: 3-4 horizontal swipes that can be followed up by a finishing vertical strike.
  • Jumping Slam: The boss leaps upwards and brings his sword down horizontally, creating a shockwave dealing area of effect damage.
  • Medium Attack Chain: Slow horizontal slashes, followed by a spinning vertical strike.

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1 year ago

Worth noting if you have the winged scythe and use angel wings it will pretty much take perfumer Tricia put in a few hits.