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Carian Slicer

Game: Elden Ring

Performs swift sweeping slash using magical sword
Spell Category:
Slots Used: 1
FP Cost (Initial – Held): 4 – 23
Stamina Cost: 12
attributes required icon eldenring Attributes Required: Intelligence 14

One of the sorceries of the Carian royal family. Conjures a magic sword and delivers a swift sweeping slash. This sorcery can be used without delay after performing another action. Even among the Carian sword sorceries, this is a notably effective technique.

Where to Find the Carian Slicer Sorcery

Requires the Royal House Scroll. You can then bring this scroll to Sellen, who is found after defeating the Mad Pumpkinhead Boss in Limgrave. You can reach this boss by going down the stairs in the Waypoint Ruins.

If you can be patient, however, it’s best to bring scrolls and prayerbooks to Miriel, in Liurnia of the Lakes.

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